Rev. Fr Louis Savenien Dupuis, the honourable founder of the congregation, was blossomed on 18 August 1806, in the Diocese of Sense, France. He was brought up by his parents with exemplary codes of conduct and good behaviour. Amicability was his in born nature. He dedicated himself enthusiastically to serve God. He was ordained priest on 24th May, 1829. It was on 25th March, 1831, he secured membership in a society of missionaries namely, mission Etrangere de Paris (MEP), persuaded by a strong desire to be a missionary. It was on 4th July 1831, he set out to India from France. After a long journey, he arrived Pondicherry, the French settlement in South India, on 9th February, 1832. The miserable society and pathetic condition of the families caused by the lack of educated women, tortured the pious priest. He brought forth the issue to the Synod, began on 18th Jan 1844. He could convince the members of the Synod the emergency of the emancipation of the society from the unjust and blind belief that the life of women is to be confined in the four walls of the house. They decided to begin a religious congregation which gives prominence to education especially women. They entrusted this great task to Rev. Fr. Louis Savinien Dupuis, the simple, Zelous, God fearing man who upholds Spiritual values. Foreseeing the spiritual growth and evangelization he started a press. Education made drastic changes in the society. A positive change occured in the lifestyle of people especially girls. The blind belief, darkened the society, was wiped out and a new civilisation came into existence, peace and prosperity prevailed in Puducherry and its outskirts. The maxim of Rev. Fr. Louis Savinien Dupuis: " An educated woman the lamp of the house" proved to be true. He exclaimed with joy that he could watch with his own eyes that "an educated woman is the first teacher of a child". At the age of 68, the able guide and leader Rev. Fr. Louis Savinien Dupuis was called to his eternal reward on 4th June 1874.