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About Royal Academy

Royal Academy is situated in the outskirt of village Pauwara, with an approximate area of one and half (1.5) acres of land. At the present stage we have two Foundation classes and oneclass for each other year groupfrom class one till class three (1 to 3) which is planned to be increased to two classes for each year group in near future. In addition to individual classrooms we also have the following facilities:

  • A library.
  • A room for parents to meet.
  • 1 hall.
  • A play area.
  • A large playing field.

Each class teacher is supported by a fully trained Teaching Assistant. In addition there may be other members of staff in your child’s class, for example we have additional support to help our children with reading. All our classes are of mixed ability and there will be times when your child will be taught with their whole class, in smaller groups and also individually. We want our children to reach their full potential.

Royal Academy Facilities

 English Club

 Creative Lab

 Digi Classes

 Computer Lab

 Physics, Chemistry & Bio Labs

 Library Kidspace


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