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Transport Facilities

Transport Facilities

The school Has its own Bus, Van, Rickshaw to bring his students, the charge will be according to the distance.

Computer Class Facilities

Computer Class Facilities

The school focus on real practical knowledge of computer. The more attention is given on practical

School Library Facilities

School Library Facilities

The school provides story books and other books during the free time to the students.

Welcome to Jyoti Vidyalay Charoda

Hello and welcome again we the board members of Royal Academy are pleased to become a part of Pauwara, with this bonding strength of Royal Academy. What is a school? We understand that starting school is a new and exciting, sometimes daunting, experience for your child and, in many cases, for you as parents. We want to make this transition as easy as possible for both you and your child.

Our plan is to admit up to 60 children each year from our local area in each class room.As you read through our handbook I hope you will get a feel for our plan to provide high quality of care and education for our children.

Our plan is to keep children at the center of everything we do and our aim is to give them the best opportunities that we possibly can. We see Royal Academy as a community made up of the children, staff and parents. We all have an important contribution to make and we value the support of parents and families. Please get in touch if you have anything to discuss, as the saying goes "our door is always open and we are always close!"

You will soon see that life at Royal Academy is never dull : We are looking for new and innovative ways to make learning enjoyable and challenging. Our plan is not to stand still but constantly aim to improve everything we do.

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Most schools accept students with many different academic, social, and emotional profiles. Many, though, target certain types of students. For instance, they may prefer students with a specific academic focus, such as math, science, or the arts. Beyond academics, they may prefer kids who are socially aware, sporty, well-rounded, independent, ambitious, or actively involved in student life, among other things. Make sure to find out which kind(s) of students a school is looking for. This should help you decide whether your child is likely to be a good fit.
It’s important to find out what a school’s philosophy or vision is. You want to make sure this is consistent with your own educational beliefs and values. Often, a school’s philosophy is reflected in its mission statement, and is carried out through what’s called a “strategic plan”

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